How it Works

Signing up for an account

We require that you register an account with us using your real name and a valid e-mail address before placing your first order.

Our pricing & memberships

We provide access to organically and bio-dynamically grown fresh plant foods and processed goods at as close as possible to direct-from-farm or wholesale pricing whilst covering our operational costs and working towards our long-term objectives (see Mission Statement).

All prices listed on the site are the cost price we pay our growers and suppliers. On top of the cost price for produce and goods there is an additional 8% operating costs; the break-down of these costs may be viewed at the time of checkout and will appear on your receipt. Costs include transport, administration, IT, CC surcharge and insurance.

Depending on your level of membership; upon checkout we apply a contribution %; 2% for active-members, 4% for members and 7% for non-members. This means that in total, on top of the cost price of the produce and/or goods an active-member will pay 10%, a member 12% and a non-member 15%. (see Become a Member)

We will always remain transparent with our pricing and with the contribution of our active members and help from the community we are able to keep these costs to a minimum. This means you pay the lowest possible prices for your produce and products.

Our website has been designed to be fully integrated allowing us to house our ordering system, volunteer roster system (soon to be added), forums, exclusive active-member and member content as well as our back office accounting and management systems. This allows for a more efficient operation and helps keep our costs to a minimum.

We will review our active member, member and non-member contribution fees on a yearly basis and will only make changes where necessary to cover costs and facilitate our mission statement and growth. We will keep the Plant Foods Perth community updated on any changes we make to our contribution % or costs.


Ordering is done on a weekly basis. Both fresh fruit & veg and packaged goods can be ordered on the same order however you must note that:

Fresh Fruit & Veg can only be ordered between Wednesday 7AM and Monday 10PM.

Packaged Goods can only be ordered between Wednesday 7AM and Monday 10PM.


To save on overheads we don’t deliver nor do we have a shop front. We rely on the generosity of the community and use locations that provide great access for our members.

Orders made during the week may be collected currently from Nollomarra WestCoast Steiner School 3:30pm and 6:30pm on Tuesday following Monday’s close of orders.

We do not carry over orders unless sufficient notice is given to us so please make sure that you are aware of where our pick-up location is (see contact us) and our terms and conditions.


We provide a forum section of the website to help with organising orders amongst members. This way you can arrange splitting boxes and produce or organising for another member to collect your produce on your behalf.

Please note that we will be moving away from using Facebook for these functions and using it solely for updates and posting notices.

Getting in contact with us

We have an array of email contacts for various sections of Plant Foods Perth. Please use these to communicate with us:

Regarding an order you have placed

Respond to the e-mail with subject “Plant Foods Perth order #XXXX”

Quality Control

For any enquiries or issues relating to produce and it’s quality, please email us at


For information about Plant Foods Perth or to provide feedback please email us at

New Supplier/Producers

Any new supplier/producer enquiries please email us at