Mission Statement

Plant Foods Pty Ltd (T/A Plant Foods Perth) is a plant-based, science-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together the producers of organically and bio-dynamically grown plant foods with the people of the greater Australian community.
We aim to secure a future for the producers of organically grown plant foods and provide increasingly more access to such foods for the people of Australia at direct-from-the-farm prices.
There is a growing body of work by physicians that comprehensively demonstrates that the human diet is plant-based and that a diet rich in animal tissues and fluids, like the “standard Australian diet”, is the leading cause of death. Every year thousands of people worldwide are reversing obesity, cardio-vascular-disease, cancer and diabetes and dramatically improving longevity and quality of life with a low-fat whole foods plant based diet. But you don’t have to be sick to experience the benefits of a plant-based-diet, keeping in mind that prevention through a healthful lifestyle is the intelligent approach to minimizing suffering.
Our belief is that human need for organically or bio-dynamically grown plant foods must be met and that these organically grown foods should not be viewed as something “special” or “exclusive”. Some 14,000 years after the agricultural revolution, organically grown plant foods should be viewed, by everyone, as part of everyday life, comprise every meal and to be almost taken for granted. Why settle for less?
Our method for seeing this done is to develop systems of organization which allow people to meet these needs by participation in the communities and the systems we establish.
By developing a nationwide network we can breakdown the financial and organizational barriers which otherwise prevent access to the foods which are in compliance with human physiology; foods otherwise referred to as ripe, raw, organic, whole plant foods, and by doing so, reinforce behaviors and values which lead to the increased consumption of such foods.
We will support a culture that promotes the plant-based lifestyle through community outreach, science-based nutritional education and access to learning materials, by sharing research articles, recipes, food processing and storage techniques and providing social support for those who aim to follow a healthy plant based lifestyle through access to such resources and focused community forums.
Our first project, Plant Foods Perth, aims to develop a successful model which can be reproduced in all of the major Australian cities. The core elements of this model are our online community, food ordering system and the relationships we build with our WA growers.
Through direct relationships with our growers throughout Western Australia we will source high quality plant foods but also seek to help the growers work cooperatively as a region in order to efficiently supply Plant Foods Perth as the seasons change. Plant Foods Perth will help farmers communicate amongst themselves, figure out what they should grow and when, cooperatively transport their produce to Perth, to reduce their costs and allow the people of Perth to directly see and buy the foods that regional farmers are producing.
Once successful with Plant Foods Perth, we will proceed to reproduce the model in each of the major Australian cities. Our future objectives include increasing our own logistical footprint and to support projects and technologies which aim to increase agricultural autonomy and productivity, improve food, water, energy and transportation infrastructure and plant-based, science-based educational programs.
28th of May 2014
Sean Phillips
Director and Founder