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By primarily focusing on fresh fruits and also vegetables the idea is to provide access to the foods that allow you to maintain a diet that is in compliance with human physiology; a diet comprised of foods otherwise referred to as ripe, raw, organic, whole plant foods.
We like to think we have fresh foods covered and are actively working to grow our selection from a variety of sources.

Order Fresh Fruit & Vegetables from Monday 7AM to Thursday 10PM


When it comes to macro-nutrients we are in agreement with the “801010”, “High-Carb-Low”, “Starch Solution” type diets but there are some micro-nutrient gaps that these diets do not cover. Micro-nutrients gaps can be satisfied with the inclusion of hemp and flax seeds, fermented vegetables(including olives, kimchi and sauerkraut), fermented drinks(kombucha) and sprouts.

Order from our select range of Packaged Goods from Monday 7AM to Wednesday 10PM

We are looking to also include a range of sprouting products include sprouting jars

This way you can rely on Plant Foods Perth to cover all your needs, spend less time shopping around and develop a well organized weekly routine

All orders to be picked-up from Duncraig Primary School between 1-3PM every Sunday.