Active Member (One Year)


To qualify for active membership you must agree to help out at pick-up for a minimum of 16 hours per year comprising of 4x (1hr) sorting shifts and 3x (4hr) sorting and collection shifts.  You may also be required to help out at other events organized by Plant Foods Perth throughout the year such fund raisers and promotions.

As an active member you will contribute to the growth and development of Plant Foods Perth. You will have more opportunity socialize with others who are interested in organic fruits and vegetables.

As an active member you will also receive the following benefits:

– 5% discount on order totals (save $250 per year based on 2013-2014 historical weekly average order total of $115).

– Priority access to produce ahead of members and non-members when supply is low.

– Access to resources including video’s, articles, research and forums.

– Access to operations forum where we organize pick-ups and other events.



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